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General Questions

Should I see a doctor?

Even if you don’t think you or your anybody else may have been hurt in an accident, it is certainly a good idea to at least get checked out by a doctor that has experience working with injuries resulting from auto accidents.

It is important to remember that not all injuries resulting from accidents are easy to detect. Many injuries may be internal and therefore hard to detect and may cause problems later if not treated in a time sensitive manner.

Additionally, some injuries may not result in symptoms like pain immediately after they occur. It’s possible that it can take weeks or months before you realize you are experiencing pain from your accident.

The human head actually weighs as much as a bowling ball and when forced in a quick jerk motion, or whiplash motion, it can result in causing trauma to the ligaments in the neck. These ligaments hold neck in place with the rest of the spine.

When your ligaments experience sudden trauma, even a small tear, it can result in dysfunction of the spine and result in degenerative joint disease. This can really affect spinal motion, and cause pain that may bother for the rest of your life.

It is important that you find a doctor or other health care professional that can take the time and give you a head to toe “check-up” as soon as possible after your accident. 1-800-HURT-911 works with experienced doctors that can diagnose and treat your injuries as well as provide thorough documentation for your attorney.

Why are doctors experienced in car accident injuries preferred?

When you’ve been injured in a car accident you have choices on what type of doctor you should see. You may think to simply go to your primary care doctor, but they may not have extensive experience in treating patients injured in motor vehicle accidents? This may come as a surprise, but not all healthcare providers are necessarily willing or trained to treat you if you’ve been involved in an auto accident. The reason is that auto accidents can be COMPLICATED. They can entail LAWSUITS which can be intimidating for the health care providers that are not experienced in treating auto accident victims. ALSO, KEEP IN MIND – NOT ALL HEALTHCARE PROVIDERS ARE TRAINED TO “OBJECTIVELY” EVALUATE HARD-TO-DETECT ACCIDENT INJURIES. Auto injuries generally tend to be called “soft tissue” injuries. That means nothing is broken, but you are still in pain. This pain is caused by torn muscles and ligaments. There is nothing wrong with going to your primary care physician after an auto accident, but your doctor may just not document your injuries as thoroughly as a doctor that has worked with accident cases for many years. Documentation of your injuries is very important for you, and your lawyer. Let 1-800-HURT-911 help you find a doctor that is highly experienced working with car accident injuries.

What is PIP?

PIP stands for personal injury protection, which is mandatory auto insurance coverage in Florida. PIP covers medical expenses, funeral expenses, and in some cases lost wages, etc. PIP coverage can be up to a maximum of $10,000. PIP can cover others in the vehicle at the time of the accident. PIP also can cover pedestrians struck by the covered vehicle. PIP laws vary by state. PIP may cover your medical expenses no matter who was at-fault for the accident. This means you can get medical care for your injuries without having to worry about who is going to pay the bill. If the accident was your fault and you have PIP coverage, you can go see a doctor immediately to determine if you are injured. You only have 14 days from the date of the accident to be seen by a doctor or you may lose your PIP benefits for that accident!

What does PIP cover?

PIP is an extremely important coverage which may cover the following in case of a motor vehicle accident-related injury:

  • Medical expenses: hospital bills, dental and optometric treatment, ambulance bills, treatment and medication.

  • Lost wages: time away from work due to any injuries

  • Substitute services: in some cases, if you are incapable of doing your daily duties, such as caring for your children or cleaning, PIP can help pay for nursing care or cleaning help.

  • Funeral expenses: if a motor vehicle accident results in death, PIP can help pay for any funeral expenses.

PIP insurance pays up to 80% of your medical bills and 60% of your lost wages, possibly totaling up to $10,000. Your remaining expenses are out-of-pocket, unless recovered from the third-party (at-fault driver) or through Med-Pay, which is explained below.  But be cautious – PIP benefits are generally only available if you seek help within 14 days of the date of accident.  Waiting past the deadline may limit your access to your PIP benefits.

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